“Shazam!”: 8 things you should know about the new DC Hero

With “Shazam!” lands on April 4, 2019 another superhero from the DC universe in the cinemas. Time to spend a lot of time with the main character Billy Batson, who transforms from a teenager into a full-blown superman with a single magical word. Eight facts worth knowing have been compiled for you in this list – “Shazam!”

  • Once upon a time … not a DC hero!
  • Billy Batson was the first Captain Marvel
  • The name “Shazam” is an acronym
  • “Shazam!” has been filmed before
  • The thing with the tiger
  • The movie costume had its pitfalls
  • Actually, The Rock should give the rogue
  • The wild production story of the new “Shazam!” Film

Once upon a time … not a DC hero!

Shazam celebrated his comic debut as early as 1940 in “Whiz Comics # 2”. Spicy: At that time the hero was not yet part of the DC universe. Released were the adventures of the superhero of Fawcett Comics, a publisher, which is due to a certain Wilford “Captain Billy” Fawcett – which explains the naming of the figure.

Billy Batson was the first Captain Marvel

Long before Kree Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers took the alias Captain Marvel in the Marvel comics, Fawcett’s Billy Batson bore the name. Since its beginnings in the 1940s, he used the title. But in 1953 DC Fawcett sued comics due to the enormous parallels to Superman. The hero with the lightning on his chest disappeared from the scene for a while.

When DC acquired the rights to Captain Marvel in 1973, they wanted to resurrect the character. The problem: In the meantime competitor Marvel had created his own Captain Marvel and secured the rights to the name. DC had to change his hero’s alias in Shazam.

Shazam-Steve Wilkie & DC Comics

Steve Wilkie & DC Comics 2019


Already knew? Billy Batson (left in the picture) was also called Captain Marvel as a hero. Today, his alter ego is better known as Shazam.

The name “Shazam” is an acronym

The alias “Shazam” is no coincidence. The name is an acronym that alludes to six ancient gods and heroes whose attributes make Shazam his own:

  • the wisdomSalomons
  • the strength ofHerkules
  • the stamina ofATLAs
  • the power ofZeus
  • the courage ofAchilles and
  • the speed ofMerkur.

“Shazam!” has been filmed before

No joke: Shazam – at that time under the name of Captain Marvel – even managed to leap ahead of Superman on the big screen. Already in 1941, the film adaptation “Adventures of Captain Marvel” appeared in the cinemas.In the twelve -part serial Fawcetts Captain Marvel fought against the villain Scorpion.

The thing with the tiger

In the original Comics around Shazam, Billy owns a stuffed tiger that is brought to life by magic and can speak as a result. In the modern, slightly more realistic comic version by author Geoff Johns and draftsman Gary Frank, on the other hand, the orphan boy Billy flees to a tiger in the zoo because he used to visit it with his parents.

In the film adaptation, the cat will probably play no major role. However, if you look closely, you can discover a little Easter Egg: Shazam’s Cape is fastened to his suit in the movie with two buckles in the form of a tiger’s head.

The movie costume had its pitfalls

“Shazam!” Star Zachary Levi reportedly needed 20 minutes to slip into his superhero suit on set. This may be due to the fact that lots of technology was used inside the suit, as costume designer Leah Butler revealed. This served the purpose that both the lightning on Shazam’s chest and his gloves could actually shine. Estimated cost of one of Levi’s hero outfits? Happy one million US dollars!

Zachary Levi in Shazam

Steve Wilke / Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. 2019


Shazam really shines a light here!

Actually, The Rock should give the rogue

Actually, Dwayne Johnson should be in “Shazam!” appear as Black Adam and make life difficult for Zachary Levi’s heroes. Instead, DC The Rocks villain / anti-hero is now likely to spend his own solo movie. As an opponent of Shazam occurs therefore in the current film adaptationDoctor Sivana, played by “Kingsman” star Mark Strong.

The wild production story of the new “Shazam!” Film

Shazam will finally be part of the DC Extended Universe in 2019 – but until then it was a long way off. As early as 2014, film studio Warner Bros. had announced the planned film. In 2016, this should come to the cinemas. Meanwhile, both Armie Hammer and John Cena acted as hot favorites for the title role … – but in the end everything turned out differently. But what’s the name of it? Good, all right?