Epic Store Plans Attack on Steam: Achievements, Cloud Saves & Co.

With the Epic Store, “Fortnite” publisher Epic Games wants to position itself as a competitor to Steam. In terms of features, the shop depends on the big role model but still significantly behind. This is about to change soon.

Over the next six months, the Epic Store will be upgraded from a fairly basic affair to a fuller online offering – according to PC Gamer, Epic Games promises that in a now-released roadmap accessible through the sharing service Trello.

Cloud Saves & User Reviews coming soon

The most important short-term change is likely to be the introduction of Cloud Saves. The feature should be realized by May. Video hosting for the store pages, improvements to the offline mode and a search function for genres and tags should come even earlier.

In the medium term things like user reviews, wishlists, mod-support, a game time tracker and an overlay will be available – these features will be added in four to six months.

Epic Store is gradually getting standard features

Among other things, an achievement system and a shopping cart are planned for the long term – the lack of this standard feature for online shops to date also shows the rudimentary state of the Epic Store. Only recently a search function was introduced.

Due to its many community features and more sophisticated features, Steam is currently the more respected (and more common) shop for many PC gamers. If Epic Games continues to catch up with its own store, this lead could soon shrink.