The Walking Dead fans vote over romance for Daryl: Donnie or Caryl?

With whom should “The Walking Dead” figure Daryl best fit? That’s the big question many fans have been asking for years. In the “TWD” show “Talking Dead” could now be voted on with whom Daryl should best find the great series love. And the result is quite surprising.

For years it was clear to many fans that if Daryl ever finds the love in “The Walking Dead”, then it will be with Carol. Under the name “Caryl” the duo made a name for itself for a long time. But now it looks quite as if the love carousel had turned on. At least in the minds of many fans.

“The Walking Dead” vote: And the winner is …

As Comicbook reports after the current episode of “Talking Dead”, as many as 81 percent of the participating fans voted for a romance between Daryl and newcomer Connie! Even on the official Twitter channel of “The Walking Dead” the duo has long been introduced under the nickname “Donnie”.

In fact, the (maybe not sooo) unequal pair has worked pretty well so far. Not only was the joint baby rescue operation extremely successful. Also in the subsequent search for Henry Connie should have quite impressed the silent crossbow fan quite something.

Connie and Daryl got together – right?

It is also clear: Connie is intimidated by Daryls quite a bit rough-robed way no piece. Despite the obvious barrier to communication, she compels the loner to “listen” to her opinion. And dog hears better anyway Connie, than his master. Best conditions for a common series future so, right?