“Game of Thrones”: Daenerys’ red outfit gives rise to speculation

In a month the time has come: The final season of “Game of Thrones” finally clarifies who will sit on the iron throne. Until then, we have plenty of time for speculation. Above all, the new outfits of Daenerys could have a deeper meaning for their fate.

Because if you go after the trailer and the images of Season 8, more and more red elements sneak into the clothing of theMother of dragons. Daenerys actress Emilia Clarke confirmed in an interview with Harper’s Bazar that this is no coincidence.

Clothes of the characters tells a story

Asked about Daenery’s new costumes – including a red-skinned dress – Clarke made it clear that they underscore the character development of the heir to the throne. “Michael Clapton, our incredibly talented costume designer, reflects the journey of every character in clothing, and every single piece of clothing I wear makes sense in the scene I’m in and makes sense of the place where the character is at that time, “explains the British actress.

“This season, there’s a real red thread, a story arc, and I feel like hardcore fans will notice what’s going to happen through the clothes, it definitely tells a story.”

Game of Thrones - The song of ice and fire

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Subtle red elements in her outfit suggest Daenerys’ fate.

Blood & Fire: the possible meaning of red

Of course, Clarke did not explain what that story is. But the color red is incredibly ambiguous. First, it is one of the colors of the house of Targaryen, whose coat of arms consists of a red, three-headed dragon on a black background. Perhaps, by wearing these colors on their arrival in Westeros, Doener wants to make her claim to the throne clear?

But red is also the color of fire and blood. Perhaps an indication of who emerges victorious from the conflict – or goes down bloody. For Clarke herself in an interview with Vanity Fair hinted that her last scene had finished her. It is also speculated among fans that Daenerys could face the same fate as her father, who went down in the annals as a “crazy king”.

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But all this remains speculation untilSky the second season of “Game of Thrones” from 14 April parallel to the US broadcast shows.