Travel App for Lazy: Welcome plans the sightseeing for you

For some people it is already half the fun to plan before the city trip, which sights they want to look at and to research, where there is the best local food. Others do not come from time constraints or are more spontaneous. For those travelers, the travel app Welcome could become a faithful companion.

Welcome is advertised by the developers as a “smart travel companion”. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the app provides the user with a personalized sightseeing tour – tailor-made to their own wishes.

Welcome creates a schedule according to your wishes

If you are in Barcelona, for example, the app suggests various sights and activities. You swipe through the recommendations and add those that interest you. In addition, you can incorporate your own wishes and tips from friends. Based on your choice, the app creates a timetable based on the location of the location, including both places where you have expressed interest in advance, as well as places that may interest you.

Travel app adapts in real time

The practical: The schedule is updated according to your preferences and the traffic and weather conditions. If you do not want to miss the Sagrada Familia, the app fills the empty space on schedule with another activity. Did you plan, in the afternoon thePark Gell to visit, but it rains, this program point can be replaced by a visit to the Picasso Museum or any other interesting place.

So far Welcome offers recommendations for more than 250 cities worldwide. The travel app is available for free on the App Store.