“Dying Light 2” is so big that you will only see half of it

Video games can not be big and big enough, right? The makers of “Dying Light 2” apparently thought so too. Now they betrayed: If you play through the coming zombie spectacle, you’ve only seen half.

Gamerant’s colleagues have shown a brand new demo of the Open World horror game as part of the E3. And the Polish developers Techland do not appear to be false modesty: To increase the replay value, “Dying Light 2” should provide so much content that most players will see only half of them, if they play the title only once.

Every decision has consequences – this time in real!

Specifically, the demo is about a scene in which you have to decide whether to support a wounded friend or rather to pick up the persecution of his attackers. Each decision should have far-reaching consequences, which are also reflected in the gameplay. For example, NPCs react differently depending on how aggressively or peacefully you play.

What’s more, you can only unlock entire game areas if you behave in key moments in a very specific way. That would be a very radical design approach, especially since “Dying Light 2” relies on a similar autosave system as “Dark Souls”: Your progress is automatically automatically saved and overwritten.

The last big zombie game?

Hard-hitting consequences as a gameplay element were clearly expanded and improved compared to the predecessor. This also applies to the Parkour mechanics: main character Aiden Caldwell now has far more opportunities to move fast with pure body acrobatics and an unlockable grappling hook.

Zombies and Parkour – that was in “Dying Light” a guarantor for sparkling horror action, which stood out pleasantly from the genre competition. Let’s see if the developers can repeat their feat of 2015!


“Dying Light 2” will be released in Spring 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.