Two new Nintendo switch models are already being produced

Will the Nintendo Switch soon have two siblings? Rumors of new versions of the hybrid console have been circulating for quite some time, now there are more clues: The hardware variants are already being built. Maybe the announcement is imminent …

Nintendo is not spared the tensions in trade between the US and China and postpones the production of the Nintendo Switch from China to other Asian countries – reports the tech journalist Takashi Mochikuzi in the Wall Street Journal (via US Gamer). Sounds dry? Well, there is an exciting detail to the matter: two new variants of the console are affected by the shift.

Is Nintendo already stocking up?

Both the currently available switch and the two new models are therefore in active production – just now not anymore in China. So Nintendo already seems to be working on having enough in stock for the market launch. The official announcement should then not be too far away. An appointment or even a hint from the manufacturer’s side does not yet exist. While Nintendo had plenty of new games to play at the E3 in 2019, there was no mention of new hardware throughout the presentation.

Low-end switch and high-end switch

Rumor has it that the new switch models are a lower-priced, lower-power version, designed primarily for handheld operation, and a more expensive high-end version with increased performance. While one console could replace the Nintendo 3DS as an entry-level model, the other is likely to appeal to players who care about high resolutions and fluid performance. But both are not yet officially confirmed.