Washing machine & Co .: Xiaomi presents new devices for the smart home

Xiaomi has just introduced a whole bunch of new devices. Especially for the smart home, the Chinese company has several interesting devices in its luggage: From the hood to the intelligent door lock is a lot here.

Granted, the big star of the press event was certainly the Mi Band 4. But the new fitness tracker of the Chinese company was not alone. In addition, Xiaomi announced on his blog the introduction of a new intelligent door lock, a combi washing machine and a smart hood with associated gas hob.

Smart Lock opens in six ways

Xiaomi’s new smart door lock will keep you up to date via push notifications on your smartphone about all activities. If the door was opened or closed, you will hear about it in real time. The Mi Smart Door Lock can be opened in six different ways thanks to the integrated NFC chip, including the new Mi Band 4.

A seven-level fuse structure is intended to protect the door lock against unauthorized access. An integration into the smart home universe of Xiaomi is also possible. In terms of price, the new smart door lock is around 217 euros.

Mi Smart Door Lock Door Lock Xiaomi

Xiaomi 2019


The smart door lock of Xiaomi tells you immediately if something is happening at the door.

Washer dryer listens

In terms of washing machine Xiaomi sets this year mainly on voice control through its language assistant XiaoAi. The new Mi Smart Combo Wash Dryer Pro 10kg, creates – as the name suggests – up to 10 kilograms of laundry in one go and comes according to the manufacturer with even better washing and drying performance.

Thanks to the integration of Xiaomi’s own intelligent voice assistant, the device can be started or stopped on call in the future and the laundry is ready, you will learn by push notification. Xiaomi gives the price with the equivalent of around 383 euros.

Mi Smart Combo Wash Dryer Pro Combo Washer Xiaomi

Xiaomi 2019


Hey, Xiaoai! Let’s do the laundry!

New kitchen set can be integrated into the smart home

A dream kitchen team wants to launch Xiaomi with the Mi Smart Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Stove Top Set. The combination of gas hob and extractor hood is designed to work together very seamlessly and to score not only with increased suction power and lower volume, but also with smart features.

Thus, the set can be controlled by remote control or voice command and via App, the status of stove and hood can be checked at any time on the smartphone. Integration into the Xiaomi Smart Home system is also possible, to name but a few. The smart kitchen set is to cost the equivalent of around 255 euros.

Mi Smart Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Stove Top Set Cooker Hood Xiaomi

Xiaomi 2019


With the new kitchen set of Xiaomi nothing should burn anymore.