Redeem Spotify coupon code – that’s how it works

You want to redeem a Spotify voucher? Nothing easier than that! In our guide, we show you how your code turns into credits and what you have to keep in mind.

  • Redeem your Spotify coupon code – that’s how it works
  • What to do if the Spotify coupon does not work?

The most important thing right away: A Spotify coupon code can only be redeemed in the browser version of the music streaming service. In the app for Android or iOS, the gift card is therefore useless. Instead, a walk on the website of Spotify leads to success.

Redeem Spotify coupon code – that’s how it works

To redeem your Spotify voucher, open the following link: There you log in with your account details. If you do not have an account, you can also register here. In the next screen you will be asked to enter your coupon code.


Spotify / Screenshot TURN ON 2019


On this page, you can enter your Spotify coupon code.

Then you confirm Spotify with a click on the Captcha service that you are not a bot. Then you can complete the transaction by clicking on the “redeem code” button. Alternatively, after logging in to the browser, you can also access the above dialog box via the left sidebar and the “Redeem” button.

If you already have premium access to Spotify, you can pay for the subscription with the gift card from the next payment date. Once the well-written amount is used up, Spotify will switch back to the previous payment method.

What to do if the Spotify coupon does not work?

Pay close attention to uppercase and lowercase during code entry. The number “0” can easily be confused with the letter “O”. If redeeming does not succeed, check if one of these spin is the problem.

In the next step you should check if your Spotify voucher was purchased in Germany. A code from another country is unfortunately not redeemable for a German account. Plus, gift cards can not be combined with discount promotions like Premium Family or Spotify Premium for students. Also make sure your Spotify voucher has not been lying idle for too long. After twelve months, the code eventually expires.

If all these methods do not solve your problem, you should check if your code was activated when you purchased it. For this you have to ask for the corresponding point of sale. If it was not activated, it’s like you did not acquire it, then it does not work.


  • Redeem coupon code: go to> Login / Register> type in code> click on “Enter Code”
  • Via the app the redemption of a voucher is not possible
  • If the code does not work, check for “0” / “O” rotation, check gift card country of origin, check expiration date, check activation status