It starts: “The Walking Dead” spin-off finds three main characters

Things are moving forward with the new “The Walking Dead” spin-off: After information about the plot has recently become available, the creators have now secured their first three main actors.

Alexa Mansour (“Unknown User 2: Dark Web”), Nicolas Cantu (“The Good Place”) and Hal Cumpston (“Bilched”) have been hired as key players for The Walking Dead spin-off. This reports Variety – and also has exciting details on the characters who are to embody the young actor.

Women take the lead in The Walking Dead spin-off

Alexa Mansour plays one of the two announced female main characters, who set the tone in the spin-off. Her still unnamed character describes Variety as a good-natured character who breaks rules and lives only for the present. The entertainment portal relies on sources not mentioned. Mansour’s character is said to be lovable and cheerful, but hide in her heart a great sadness.

Unequal duo for the zombie apocalypse?

According to Variety, Nicolas Cantu plays a hitherto likewise nameless character, who should be friendly and very mature for her young age. Although the teenager is rather petite, he knows how to ward off his skin: According to Variety, the figure has a black belt in karate – if that does not come in the zombie apocalypse!

The character of Hal Cumpston is described as rather big for his age. He is said to be a shy loner who infuriates other children and adolescents because of his appearance. Whether the two figures in the spin-off to uneven duo, will show.

broadcast Tip

The “The Walking Dead” spin-off is scheduled to start in 2020, but a more specific date is not yet available.