DokiPal: New Kids Smartwatch comes with voice assistant and more

Wearable maker Doki has released a new smartwatch for children. The DokiPal should be suitable for children from five years and offers some updates in comparison to the previous model. Among other things, an intelligent voice assistant is on board.

Reassuring for parents: Thanks to a special speech recognition software DokiAsk recognizes children’s voices. The language assistant is programmed to provide only child-friendly answers, even if the offspring should ask the most impossible questions.

DokiPal lets you chat via video and more

The DokiPal Smartwatch is durable and therefore ideal for children: The 1.4-inch TFT color display is made of shatter-proof Gorilla Glass, and thanks to IP68 waterproofing, the Wearable survives permanent submersion in water. Dust also has no chance. Inside, a Snapdragon 2100 chip from Qualcomm does its job.

A 4G and LTE mobile phone functionality and the ability to use a Nano SIM card provide the smartwatch’s communicative capabilities. To help parents stay in touch with the little ones, the Wearable supports both voice and video calls. You can also send text messages directly to the Smartwatch and also spice them up with image files. All contacts are stored in the Doki app and calls from unknown numbers are blocked directly.

Children’s Smartwatch with numerous tracking and security features

WearableGPS, Location-Based Services (LBS) and Wi-Fi support that you can not only communicate with your child, but always see where they are when they need them. Geofence functionality allows secure areas to be set in the associated app. If your child exceeds one of the virtual limits, the app will tell you. An SOS function provides additional security.

Parents can also deposit tasks and reminders for their child in the Doki app, to which the wearable reminds its small owner at the right time.

Classroom mode ensures distraction-free instruction

Apart from the smartwatch features, DokiPal measures steps, calories burned and distance traveled. The app-internal leaderboard allows children to measure and collect badges with their friends who also own a DokiPal smartwatch. So that the wearable in the classroom does not become a distraction, all functions of the children’s smartwatch can be deactivated via the app with the so-called “classroom mode”. Only time and SOS function remain active.

The battery of the children’s smartwatch holds according to the manufacturer in standby mode for up to three days. With “normal” use, the battery is supposed to last 48 hours.

Availability and price

The new DokiPal Smartwatch for children is now available in blue and pink for around 160 euros. There are still charges for mobile services every month.