“Stranger Things”: Open questions that concern us after Season 3

Since the beginning of July season 3 of the successful series “Stranger Things” is available on Netflix. And if you felt like the majority of the TURN ON editors, then you’ve swallowed all eight episodes in a Bingewatch marathon long ago, like a hungry Demogorgon. The problem: The season finale leaves plenty of room for wild speculation. Especially the following questions burn us on the soul.

Attention, spoilers!

The following article deals with the output of “Stranger Things” -Staffel 3. It therefore contains a lot of spoilers and theories for Season 4. You continue to read at your own risk!

  • Is Hopper alive?
  • Who is “the American” in the Russian camp?
  • Is there still hope for Billy?
  • Will Elf get her powers back? And if so, how?
  • Where does the Byers & Elf go?
  • Does the mind-breaker return?

Is Hopper alive?

The most hotly debated issue among “Stranger Things” fans is currently following the fate of Chief Hopper (David Harbor). In Season 3’s shocking finale, Joyce (Winona Ryder) had to make a terrible decision: she blew up the “key,” the dangerous machine of the Russians, even though Hopper was trapped right next to it. However, neither Joyce, who squinted, nor the spectators really saw the death of Hopper – and that’s what makes the fans suspicious. After all, “Stranger Things” has already happened in the TV show as the return of a supposedly dead character.

Another indication also speaks for Hoppers survival. TheReddit user Montgomery7248 noticed an interesting note in the soundtrack: In the scene in which the Byers and Elf load their stuff into the moving van and Hoppers touching words are heard on Elf in the background, a specific song is played: “Heroes” by David Bowie. Why is that important?

“At the end of ‘Chapter Three’ Season 1, Will’s corpse is found in the quarry (or at least we’re supposed to believe that) and what song is played as we watch this case clear up? ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie ( Cover by Peter Gabriel). ” The conclusion of the Reddit user: The song indicates the parallel, Will was not really dead and Hopper is not.

Stranger Things Hopper

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Wanted: dead or alive! The fans would just like to know what happened to Hopper.

That was not enough, after all, there was also the matter with “the American”. Which brings us to our next open question:

Who is “the American” in the Russian camp?

In Season 3’s post-credit scene, two Russian soldiers trudge through a kind of prison in Kamchatka. When one of the two wants to open a cell, the other one stops him with the words: “No, not the American.” But which American is being held captive by the Russians? The obvious answer many fans hope for: Hopper. But how was the Chief to come to Russia after his apparent death in Hawkins?

Another theory currently finds much approval in the internet: “The American” could be Dr. Brenner alias Elf’s nasty “daddy” from Season 1 act. If the unscrupulous scientist fell into the hands of the Russians, it would at least explain how the Russians learned about the Shadow Side and its connection to Hawkins, and how they came to Demogorgon, who lives in their basement.

Stranger Things burner

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Does Dr. Brenner in Season 4 of “Stranger Things” back?

Is there still hope for Billy?

Yes, we know that Billy was pierced by the Mindbreaker in a rather brutal way. And unlike Hopper, the fans have seen every single bloody moment of Billy’s death with their own eyes. But: The Web circulates the theory that Billy – or at least something that looks like Billy – on the other side aka “Upside Down” still lives.

As a reminder, in “Chapter 2” Billy saw a double of himself through which the mind-shaker communicated with him. Would this Shadowworld Billy reappear as the personification of Mind Warleader in Season 4, there would be at least a reunion with Billy performer Dacre Montgomery.

stranger things season 3

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Will Billy still have a chance at reparation? Or do we even see his dark shadow twin?

Will Elf get her powers back? And if so, how?

At the end of Season 3, Elf desperately tries to use her telekinetic abilities – in vain. Has the prodigy lost his powers about once and for all? Or will the forces return as soon as the connection to the shadow world is restored? Does the loss have anything to do with the mind-bender’s bite? And how does Elf manage without her powers as a “normal” teenager at all? Questions about questions – and the answer is expected in season 4.

Actress Millie Bobby Brown said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly just so much: “I think Elf is powerful with or without superpowers and I think it would be exciting to explore this path further.”

stranger things season 3

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Battery empty: Does Elf in Season 4 have to cope without her powers?

Where does the Byers & Elf go?

At the end of Season 3, Mama Joyce finally does what she should have done after Season One: She packs up her children, including the elf, and turns her back on the ill-fated Hawkins. Where does the patchwork family go? Unfortunately nobody knows that.

But Chicago would be a good option. After all, Elf already knows the city from Episode 7 of Season 2. And who lives in Chicago? Exactly, Kali aka Number Eight, the only other person with superpowers in the series so far. Maybe she can help Elf find out what happened to her powers. And should “the American” really be Dr. Act burner, Kali should be due to their thirst for revenge quickly available. After all, Eight has yet to settle accounts with the former head of the Hawkins Lab.

stranger things kali eleven

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008, also called Prasad. Kali Prasad.

Does the mind-breaker return?

In the season finale, Joyce cuts the Russian-made connection to the other side. The newly-crafted body of the Hawkins Mind Shatter then collapses lifeless. But the upper monster from the Shadow World should not be defeated by that, is it? Finally it was not killed. Thus, it probably lurks only on the next opportunity to return to Hawkins and hunt for Elf.

Stranger Things-Season 2-Netflix-ST2_Vertical-Main_PRE_US

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This is certainly not the last thing we have seen from Mind Flayer …