“Splinter Cell”, “Assassin’s Creed”: Does Facebook make VR versions?

Facebook is constantly expanding its portfolio. According to new reports, the network giant is pushing more aggressively into the games market. Apparently, there are new deals with big developer studios. According to a few well-known game brands will soon find their way to the Oculus platform.

As reported by industry insider The Information (via RoadToVR), Facebook’s inventor and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is said to be personally involved. Also Jason Rubin, Facebook’s game specialist and former head of the “Crash Bandicoot” developer Naughty Dog, is involved in the planned expansion. Accordingly, Facebook plans to take over more studios and to develop exclusive versions of popular gaming brands for the virtual reality glasses Oculus. The budget for this investment should be less than a billion dollars – so to speak, a bargain.

Sneaking and assassinating in VR?

Allegedly, the first two games are already fixed: The Ubisoft blockbusters “Assassin’s Creed” and “Splinter Cell” are soon to find their way to the Oculus, such agreements have already been made. Whether that means we’re just getting semi-slow VR offshoots or full-fledged, brand-new games, we do not know yet.

Ubisoft waves from virtual reality

Neither Facebook nor Ubisoft have commented on the message. However, it does not sound completely outlandish, because Ubisoft has released a variety of VR games for various platforms in recent years – in the virtual reality, the French seem to feel well.