Apple’s augmented reality glasses were allegedly canceled

Apple may have shelved plans for its own augmented reality glasses. According to a report, the project has since been stopped.

The fact that Apple is working on its own augmented reality glasses has been repeatedly suggested in recent years. Not without reason, CEO Tim Cook has often emphasized the importance of augmented reality as the platform of the future in the past. But now the secret project seems to have been shelved internally, as reported by Digitimes (via MacRumors).

One of Apple’s key hardware projects

If the report is correct, that would mean that Apple has canceled one of its key hardware projects for the future. However, it would not be the first smaller or larger project that the Californians crushed before the launch. Even the much-vaunted Apple Car, a self-driving car, should have been put on hold in 2016. The last time it caught the wireless charging mat AirPower. At the moment, however, it is difficult to estimate the accuracy of the Digitimes report.

The AR glasses should work as an extension for the iPhone

In the past, especially the considered reliable analystMing-Chi Kuo reports on Apple’s augmented reality plans. It was assumed that the AR project from Apple was already quite advanced and the glasses could go into production in 2019. Already from 2020 should then start the delivery.

The augmented reality glasses were described above all as a display that should be wirelessly paired with an iPhone. All calculations of AR content should therefore take place on the iPhone, while the glasses should be responsible only for the presentation of the content.

Whether Apple has ever worked on such a pair of glasses, whether this work has been discontinued in the meantime or secretly continue or the group now pursues other plans, it is difficult to say. However, at the moment it seems a bit less likely than before that we will see Apple’s augmented reality glasses in the near future.