“Harry Potter Wizards Unite”: Get more magic energy & recharge

There is not much magic energy in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. At least findable items you will not be able to collect without this important resource. That’s why we explain to you how to charge your magic energy.

  • In these places you can charge magic energy
  • How to save magic energy
  • Summary

The maximum magic energy is 75. If you are in “Harry Potter Wizards Unite” on the map, you will see the current state in the upper left corner. If there are no more resources available, you have different options to recharge them. In general, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your magic energy so you do not have to flee in the middle of a fight because the resource has been used up.


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Above left you will find the display of your total magic energy. You can also be rewarded with magic power for your login.

So you can charge magic energy

  • Daily Login:For every day you log in to Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you will receive a reward. This can be in addition to experience or scrolls and magic energy in different amounts.
  • Inn:In every inn you enter, you have the chance to receive magic energy. The number of resources varies and depends on which item is under the serving bell. For pumpkin juice you get for example three magic energy, for Honeydukes chocolate six magic energy and with the turkey plate beckon ten magic energy. If there is no other inn nearby that you can visit, wait five minutes. Then you can try your luck again.
  • Glasshouse:In the greenhouse, you also get magic energy when you plant plants – but only a maximum of four and that only by chance. As with the guesthouse, here too, if there is no other location nearby, you can even turn crops after five minutes.
  • Success / tasks:Every day you can complete tasks or earn successes. If you have mastered the requirements, magic energy beckons as a reward. For example, if you collect any ingredient or port casket, there are ten magical energies for it.
  • Shop:Alternatively, you can also buy magic energy for gold in the Diagon Alley, in the online shop. Here you get 50 magic energy for 100 gold coins. For 150 gold coins, you can also increase the maximum capacity of magic energy. You can collect gold coins or buy them for real money.

magic power

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In Diagon Alley you can buy magic energy for real money and gold coins.

How to save magic energy

To make sure the most important resource in “Harry Potter Wizards Unite” is not running out too fast, you should use it sparingly. In order to collect items that can be found, you have to cast a spell – and each one costs a magic energy. However, as you will surely have noticed quickly, you will also be deducted a resource for a misconception.

Thus you should make sure that you trace the pattern on the screen as exactly as possible, in order to avoid a wrong attempt. However, not only is it enough to be precise – you also have to be quick.

To be on the safe side, you should use potions. You increase the chance that your spell will succeed and you will not waste unnecessary magic power.


  1. The maximum magic energy is 75.
  2. Gold coins and real money purchases can be used to boost magic energy or increase your capacity.
  3. You will also receive magic energy through successes or the daily login as well as when visiting the guest or greenhouse
  4. Also, be precise and fast when tracing the spell – reducing the risk of failure
  5. Use potions to increase the chance of a successful spell

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