“4 blocks”: Toni Hamady returns one last time in November

This year, the German series “4 Blocks” will come to a great conclusion. After Season 3, the story about the Hamady clan from Berlin is complete. Now we finally know when the new episodes will be seen.

On the 7th of November the last chapter of the Hamady-Clan will be opened on the TNT series. Every Thursday at 21:00, the latest of the six episodes will air on premiere.

# 4TheLastTime: First teaser trailer for season 3

“I’m ready for the last chapter,” explains Toni Hamady in the first short teaser trailer for the third “4 Blocks” relay. There is not much to see, but to hear. These are the bells and whistles of the past season, once again showing how complicated and complicated the situation in the Hamady district is. As the end of Season 2 has shown, it is no longer just Mohammad al-Saafi that is a problem for Toni. The danger threatens now even from the own ranks.

Repetition of the previous “4 blocks” episodes

If you can not fully remember what happened in the first two “4 blocks” stats: no problem! In preparation for Season 3, TNT Series once again shows all the episodes that have been released so far.

Season 1 runs on October 3 and 10 with three episodes in one go from 8:15 pm. Starting on October 17, Season 2 will continue – every Thursday from 8:15 pm in duplicate.

broadcast Tip

Season 3 of “4 Blocks” runs on TNT series on November 7th. The broadcaster can be received via the pay-TV provider Sky. At a later, unknown date, the final season will be shown on free TV.