Microsoft accidentally loses Windows 10 version with a new Start menu

Microsoft accidentally distributed an internal version of Windows 10 to users of the “Windows Insider” program. The version showed, among other things, a new start menu that could possibly be used in Windows Lite.

The Windows 10 internal version, which was originally intended for the Xbox development team, was – for Microsoft’s convenience – distributed only to 32-bit devices that are no longer widely used. Nevertheless, the leak is a very embarrassing thing for the company. The new start menu should have been presented to the public much later, writes The Verge.

Start menu is reminiscent of App Drawer from Android

Visually, the new Start menu reminds a lot of app drawer of smartphones. This is very different from the current Windows 10 Start menu, which consists of a list and optional tiles. As already mentioned, the new start menu could possibly be used in a slim Windows 10 variant called Windows Lite in the future. The look could change fundamentally during the course of the development.

Microsoft encourages users to roll back

Anyone who has received the internal Windows version by mistake will be prompted by Microsoft to roll back the system. Resetting to the previous version is only possible for ten days, according to Microsoft. What happens when users decide against rollback is unknown. However, it is still advisable to perform a reset, since the internal version should not run very stable. A guide on how to reset Windows 10, Microsoft has published here.