Surveillance camera can read mark at 1 km distance

With the Fujinon SX 800 Fujifilm has introduced a new high-end surveillance camera. It is characterized by its enormous zoom. Thus, the camera should be able to record several kilometers distant subjects clearly visible.

The focal length range of the Fujinon SX 800, according to the press release, is 20 – 800 millimeters, and so the camera offers a 40x optical zoom. The purpose of this extreme zoom range is remote monitoring. The camera is supposed to be used in public infrastructure, for example at airports, seaports, motorways or border surveillance.

Advanced image stabilization

The image sensor is 1 / 1.8 inches tall and the camera records videos in Full HD resolution. The biggest challenge at such distances is vibration and even the slightest vibration, heat haze, haze or fog. The Fujinon SX 800 counteracts this with optical and electronic image stabilization with an angle correction to + – 0.22 degrees.

High speed auto focus and fog filter

Also, too slow focus drive would be a big problem for a remote surveillance camera. That’s why Fujifilm has built a high-speed autofocus that will deliver a sharply focused image in less than a second. There is also a fog filter and a technology for the reduction of heat haze. The Fujinon SX 800 will be released in the third quarter of 2019 as a mobile stand-alone device and a system for integration into a PT head.

A price, the manufacturer has not mentioned, but this is common for technical systems that are sold to governments.