Kickstarter-Hit Air-Q measures air quality and tells you how fit you are

A start-up from Chemnitz has set up a special air quality meter with the Air-Q on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The Air-Q breaks the air down into elemental components – and tells you how powerful you are. Sounds awesome, find the supporters on Kickstarter.

We do more than 20,000 breaths every day – say the makers of Corant GmbH from Chemnitz on the Kickstarter side of Air-Q. Since you want to know what everything passes through the nose in the body.

Good air for good performance

With up to 14 sensors the Air-Q is supposed to analyze the ambient air in detail, supposedly with scientific accuracy. For example, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter are evaluated.

It’s best to put the Air-Q where your family or colleagues are most at home. For example, in the living room, office or children’s room. From here, the air analyzer continuously measures the air quality. The LEDs on the device provide information about their influence on your performance and health.

Poor air can directly affect performance, increase errors and slow down work. More details about the health and performance index, which is calculated from the measured data, limits of the Federal Environmental Agency and other recommendations, you will find out in the app or on the computer. There are also tips on how to improve the quality of the air.

Air-Q as part of the Smart Homes

The German makers emphasize on their presentation page at Kickstarter in particular, the smart home properties of the Air-Q. For example, if smoke or carbon monoxide is present, the meter will sound an alarm and act as a smoke detector.

In addition, the Air-Q measures temperature and humidity in the room and should be able to predict so mold. The device also keeps an eye on the noise level. Air-Q is with theLanguage assistants compatible with Google and Amazon.

Success on Kickstarter – despite a handsome prize

Note on crowdfunding

Crowdfunding campaigns involve a financial default risk for supporters. Inform yourself about your rights and refund options.

The numerous features of the Air-Q have their price: On Kickstarter, there is the Lite version with 11 sensors for supporters who at leastPay 319 euros. The complete version with all 14 sensors costs 459 euros. Thus, the Air-Q is more expensive than many competing products for home users, such as Netatmo or Foobot.

Friends of the promise of a comprehensive air analysis does not seem to deter this: Already today, 23 days before the expiry of the Kickstarter campaign, the financing target of 50,000 euros of the Chemnitz creators is exceeded.In December, theAir analyzers are sent.