“There was a problem parsing the package”: That’s what to do

Apps for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store as well as from unlicensed sources. Usually this works smoothly. However, if the error “Parsing the package has a problem” occurs, the question mark is large. Our guide will tell you what you can do in this case.

  • What is parsing?
  • You can do that
  • Restart device
  • Install app in internal storage
  • Check download source
  • If everything does not work
  • Summary

What is parsing?

“Parsing” basically means nothing other than “analyzing”. A parser is a program on your smartphone or tablet that is responsible for parsing and transforming files into a suitable format. If something goes wrong during parsing, a technical problem has arisen during the reformatting of the respective file.

You can do that

If you see an error while attempting to install an app “Parsing the package has encountered a problem,” you should first check if your Android device accepts the installation of APKs from unknown sources.

  • Go to “Settings> Security> Unknown sources” and see if the installation of apps from unknown sources is allowed.

If the switch is green, the installation is allowed on your device.

Restart device

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. If an app can not be installed, turning it off and then turning it back on after a few seconds can help. The device cache is emptied and all active apps stopped, which with a bit of luck already solves the problem.

Install app in internal storage

If you have tried to install the app on an SD card, you should try the installation in the internal memory in the next step.

Check download source

It’s also worth checking the download source. This may have sent you a damaged file or the download process was not completed properly. The renewed download gives you security in this point.

If the parsing error still occurs, you should search for an alternative source for the APK and download the file there. Alternatively, you can perform the search on your computer and then transfer the app via USB cable to the Android device.

If everything does not work

If the steps described above do not help, the parsing error is probably because the downloaded app is not compatible with the Android version on your device. In this case, you should research whether the network an APK of the app in question is available, which is compatible with the Android version on your device.

  • Which version of Android is on your device, you can see under “Settings> About the device> Android version”.

If no app is available for your Android version, you can check if maybe even a smartphone or tablet software update is downloadable.

  • Go to “Settings> About the device> System Update”

If your device is up to date and any other tips do not help, you’ll have to wait for the manufacturer of your device to provide an update.


  • Check if the installation of apps from unknown sources is allowed: “Settings> Security> Unknown sources”
  • Turn the Android device off and on again
  • Download the app again and start the installation again
  • Install the app in the internal memory instead of the SD card
  • Search for an alternative download source and download the app there
  • Check if the APK is compatible with the Android version on your device. If not, search for an app that supports your OS
  • If no alternative APK is available, check if your Android device can be updated